Broken Bronco Time Bomb

Broken Bronco Time Bomb

Aug 26, 2022Tyler Mason

Good morning, Y’all! I'm in the middle of editing photos and video from last weeks trip on the Rubicon trail and I came across one of my old Videos we created to highlight the weakness yet fix for the tie rods, steering rack, and passenger housing on the 6th Gen Broncos! (patent pending products).  In this video I highlight the advantages of installing the Stage III heavy-duty passenger billet aluminum housing, Buster Brace, and Bronc Bushing. 

I get a message from a customer's shop Dirt Nerds Motors of Sterling Virginia, stating they were installing a Stage III heavy-duty passenger billet aluminum housing and they were concerned because they are seeing more and more of these failures.  They prioritized this install to ease the concerns since this customer had already experienced failure (Image Below) you can see the extensive damage of the housing below.  Dirt Nerd Motors has decided it may require install of new steering rack.  The big question is, could this costly repair have been avoided? 


So I'm sure what everyone would like to first understand is whether or not this is caused by neglect/abuse or if this  is "a ticking time bomb"! Many out there that have lifted their Bronco and want to know.  

see video if interested in why the lift contributes to this problem

 The owner of the 2021 Sasquatch Badlands Kevin Kagen is an avid off-roader an is absolutely passionate about going out on weekends rock crawling. 

Kevin like many of us in the Bronco Community have literally become addicted to off-roading these awesome beasts and loves testing the limits of the Bronco and its capabilities.

Kevin who actually purchased the Stage III housing on day one of its release had waited until his ICON lift came in so that it could go under the knife once and not multiple times. 

Unknown to Kevin, his Bronco that was currently on a 3" Zone lift with Camberg upper a-arms, stock wheels and 37” BFG KO2’s, the steering rack had already failed miles ago, allowing dirt, water and contaminants  into the sensitive steering components. 

This post is not alarm to any of you out there, but a caution. Suspension lift on the the Bronco will cause failure without taking the proper measures to reinforce. I will still say that the easiest and most important upgrade is still the BroncBushing. If you are asking what is first in importance, or better stated, what fails the first and easiest, this is the most needed part. I'll leave this last video on that. Just know that the BroncBuster team has and will continue to dedicate our time and resources to Making the 6th-genBronco the best and most capable it can be. 


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  • Good read! It’s good to see a company seek out and work around problems in a quick, professional way.

    Patrick Pomata

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