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Aug 27, 2022Tyler Mason


Brackin Machine and BroncBuster cohosted an event in Preston Idaho on July 22nd-July 23rd 2022. The alliance between the two companies goes a lot deeper than just “Broken Bronco” tie rods and steering racks. Though solving problems for the weak steering is what both companies love doing we want to share our story with you.....

“Rocky Mountain Roundup” became the first annual cause by Brackin Machine and the BroncBuster team. 

Editorial credit: Barry Brazier

You’ve heard the term “overnight success”.  It too-often applies to entertainers, many of which took a decade to create their fame. 

 Tyler Mason, of BroncBuster, qualifies for that aged saying about being famous overnight- literally. Only this fame was more ridicule than having done something worthy of a Guinness record. Tyler went up the King of the Hill climb at Katemcy Rocks and busted both tie rods and steering rack at the same time. Yes, many of the Jeepers with him that day heard that infamous tie rod snap! The photos, memes, cartoons of his bow-legged 6th Gen Ford Bronco went viral.

Even the Chevy guy had his 2cents to add 


It could be said, he took his lumps in a quiet manner as is his way, then went about a solution. Some 90 days later, he had his revenge. Tyler and his friends were testing a new solution the BroncBushing and Buster Brace. That fateful September 25th turned into a Bronco business with a Patent on the Broncos' steering solutions and would lead to future products and opportunities.

 Leaping forward. With BroncBuster formed as a company, he was out west off roading and seeing family for the holidays. On his way North, he stopped by the farm to see a longtime friend, Talon Hobbs. Tyler asked for some help on the initial prototype of what would become the BroncBushing. He was referred to Austin Brackin of Brackin Machine in Preston, Idaho, a small town of about 5,000 people. Austin’s products and designs have been involved in multiple publications and award’s, one product of which was a recent recipient of the Edison Award. Tyler and Austin quickly became friends while working on multiple upgrades to the Bronco’s electronic steering system that Tyler kept breaking. They now share the development of many products such as the BroncBushing, Buster Brace, Stage 3 aluminum steering housing upgrade, and are working on something for the new Bronco, they say is to be for very few Bronco owners due to the expense and exclusive engineering.


On the way back from the Bronco Safari in Moab Utah, conversation started about holding an event near Preston in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest on the Southeast Idaho border. The terrain varies from lowland valleys and rivers to 9000-foot peaks. The talk turned into a reality when BroncBuster and Brackin Machine formally started planning for a two-day event, with just a month to line up sponsors for door prizes, make reservations, and plan out meals.


Prior to planning the off-road event, Talon had an experience that would eventually give it meaning and the name: Rocky Mountain Roundup, Wheeling For A Cause. While at a park with a few families, Talon was watching all the kids playing together and was drawn to Holland a 3-year-old girl who has Spina Bifida. As some of the kids ran off to the playground, his heart sank as he saw the discouraged expression on her face. He knew that she was getting old enough to become aware of her limitations. For the rest of the evening, he couldn’t kick the thought of finding a way to make her feel special and have a sense of normalcy.


The following morning, he stopped by the machine shop to talk to Austin about a favor and the possibility of re-designing a Kid Trax Ford Bronco to fit her needs. Austin’s response was “Yes, absolutely,” and the hunt began. The national search proved fruitless until talking with Tim DahleFord’s Fleet Manager, Jake Williams. He had one that he was more than willing to donate to the cause and drove three hours that evening to deliver it to Brackin Machine to start the build. At that same time the Rocky Mountain Roundup show and shine was being organized, and there was no better time to give Holland her Mini Bronco.


From the start, Talon insisted on using massive 18’’ tires which resulted in a complete frame redesign. Over the next month, a new frame was built, the drivetrain was upgraded to a solid axleand a larger 24-volt motor, electronic power steering was added. Also, the throttle was moved from the floor to the steering wheel. Slip clutches on each wheel to soften the acceleration/deceleration, and a remote power disconnect for Holland’s safety, too. There isn’t much that the team at Brackin Machine didn’t change in adapting it to the needs of the recipient, little Holland Stokes.

Video of Event By BroncBuster

 Video By Wild Horses


All said and done, the event was a huge success. With so little time to organize, the attendance was capped at 50 rigs and 150-plus curious wheelers that are returning next year. The event date will change to June for cooler weather, we’re told. The trails vary in difficulty and there’s certainly no shortage of breathtaking views, so it’s an event that everyone can enjoy from stock to well-equipped rigs. They are already planning for next year’s summer eventso if you would like to be a sponsor or just donate to the cause, contact them through the links below.



For those down souththey are hosting a winter event at Katemcy Rocks, about three hours NW of Austin, TX, in January. Often referred to as the “Moab of Texas,” says the website (https://katemcyrocks.com), it has great trails, and some serious rock crawling on over 800 acres of private working ranch. It's literally birthplace of the BroncBuster. Registration will be limited, so stay tuned for details.

If you are interested in being a part of this future cause and others please visit 


or email: tyler@wheelingforacause.com


Or See www.broncbustertx.com or https://www.facebook.com/BroncBustertx for details as they’re posted.

 Any one interested in turning concepts into reality  contact Austin Brackin @



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