TIBUS Portal Axles: Transforming the 6th Gen Ford Bronco Experience

TIBUS Portal Axles: Transforming the 6th Gen Ford Bronco Experience

Jun 13, 2023Justin Jackson

Hey there, fellow off-roading enthusiast! Today, we'll be talking about the brand new TIBUS Portal Axles and how they can elevate your 6th Gen Ford Bronco to new heights. Oh, and that's okay if you don't know what portal axles are, as we'll cover that too. For now, you just need to know that TIBUS Bolt-on Portal Axles provide an impressive axle lift, giving your Bronco a significant boost in ground clearance.

You may be wondering why we're so excited, right? After all, increasing ground clearance is nothing extraordinary. And you're right. The thing is that the new Gen 4 TIBUS Portal Axles enable you to lift your Bronco without impacting OEM ride quality.

Intrigued? Good! You should! This opens up new possibilities that we will explore right away.

Off-Road Warrior AND Daily Driver - Now It's Possible

When it comes to off-road vehicles, trade-offs are frequent. For instance, if you modify your truck for off-roading, you usually sacrifice on-road ride quality. But what if you also want to enjoy your 6th Gen Bronco as a daily driver?

Choosing between a daily driver or an off-road beast isn't fair. Why can't you have both?

Well, the good news is that this is now possible thanks to TIBUS and their cutting-edge Portal Axles.

What are Portal Axles?

Okay, time for some theory. Simply put, portal axles are a unique off-road technology that increases a vehicle's ground clearance by positioning the axle tube and differential housing above the wheel center. They consist of a portal hub, which creates an offset between the axle shaft and the hub mounting, and here comes the exciting part: this allows portal axles to be used on both solid axles and independent front suspension (IFS) systems like the one on the Bronco 6th Gen.

Why does that matter? Simple: Portal Axles offer numerous benefits, making them a powerful upgrade for your 6th-Gen Bronco.

Synergy Between IFS and Portal Axles in the Ford Bronco

Like many modern off-road vehicles, the 6th generation Ford Bronco uses an independent front suspension (IFS) system, which has its pros and cons. IFS systems provide better ride comfort, handling, and stability on paved roads, but they can be less robust and limit wheel travel compared to solid axle setups when it comes to extreme off-roading.

This is where portal axles come into play, offering a perfect solution for enhancing the off-road capabilities of IFS vehicles like your Ford Bronco. How about taking a closer look at these benefits?

  • Increased Ground Clearance: Portal axles are designed to provide additional ground clearance by raising the vehicle's centerline higher than the wheel hubs. This allows the vehicle to overcome larger obstacles and traverse rough terrain with ease, reducing the risk of underbody damage.
  • Improved Approach, Breakover, and Departure Angles: With increased ground clearance, portal axles also improve the vehicle's approach, break-over, and departure angles. These angles are crucial when climbing steep inclines, crossing ditches, or navigating through rocky terrain and can make a significant difference in off-road performance.
  • Enhanced Traction and Articulation: Portal axles allow for larger tires, translating to a larger contact surface and improved traction. Additionally, the portal axle's design offers improved articulation, enabling the vehicle to maintain better contact with uneven surfaces and maintain traction during extreme off-roading.
  • Optimal Torque Distribution: The gear reduction in portal axles helps distribute torque more evenly across the drivetrain, reducing stress on the vehicle's components. This ensures the vehicle can handle higher torque loads, which is particularly beneficial for off-road vehicles equipped with larger, more aggressive tires.
  • Compatibility with IFS: Portal axles are designed to work seamlessly with IFS systems, providing a significant upgrade in off-road performance without compromising the on-road benefits of an IFS setup. This synergy enables vehicles like the 6th-generation Ford Bronco to excel both on and off the pavement.

Overall, portal axles offer a range of benefits, making them an ideal choice for IFS vehicles like the 6th-generation Bronco. In fact, portal hubs are so amazing that they are used in various off-road racing applications, including rock crawling and desert racing and are changing the debate between using solid axles or IFS for off-road performance.

That's why TIBUS has developed bolt-on portals, allowing for easy integration with existing axles on various vehicles.

TIBUS Offroad Engineering: Pioneers in Bolt-on-Portals

Portal axles have come a long way since their invention in 1905 by Monroe Robert Grier. In fact, the first use of a portal axle was in the early 1940s. However, it wasn't until after World War II, when Volkswagen implemented reduction boxes in its first-generation vehicles, that the potential of portal gear lifts was glimpsed.

Although it became clear that portals offered increased off-road capabilities, their complexity, reduced speeds, and added expense deterred manufacturers from using this fabulous technology for decades to the point that it was almost forgotten.

Fortunately, in the 1980s, TIBUS Offroad Engineering was actively looking for ways to improve off-road vehicle capabilities. That was how in 1995, TIBUS came across portal axles and started experimenting with them, primarily playing with old axles from Volvo or Unimog.

Recognizing the limitations of these heavy trucks for daily use, TIBUS introduced the world to its bolt-on portals in 2003. These bolt-on portals could be easily attached to existing axles without changing the geometry of the axle, making them compatible with all electronic aids such as ABS or ESP.

A few years later, in 2006, TIBUS became the first company to develop and market bolt-on portals. As other companies started to adapt portals to off-road racing applications around 2015, TIBUS continued to perfect its portal axle technology for both on and off-road use. Today, TIBUS's Gen 4 Portal Axle features helical cut gears, making them significantly stronger for off-road use while remaining quiet on highways. And, to date, Tibus is the only bolt-on Portal available for the 6Gen Bronco. 

All in all, TIBUS Offroad Engineering has been a pioneer in the development of portal axles for off-road vehicles. With decades of experience in off-road technology, TIBUS has continuously evolved its product, providing an exceptional off-roading experience while maintaining a smooth daily driving experience for its users.

TIBUS Portal Axles - a Game-Changer for 6th Gen Ford Bronco Owners

If you are the proud owner of a 6th Gen Ford Bronco, then you are in luck. Thanks to TIBUS's decades-long expertise, you can take your beloved truck to the next level.

TIBUS portals are the most effective way to lift your Bronco, providing an impressive 5.5" lift and a gear ratio of 1.22-1, thus increasing ground clearance without compromising  Bronco's performance. Furthermore, since Gen 4 portal gears use a helical cut, they ensure quiet running and exceptional strength, a marked improvement over the weaker and louder straight-cut gears found in earlier models. You heard right; while competitors are still copying the flawed first generation, you can take the lead and use the most advanced portal axles on the market.

With that said, let's dig a little deeper into the specs, shall we?

Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, the strongest aluminum available today, TIBUS portal housings boast unmatched durability. The wheel bearings, derived from 7.5-ton trucks, are significantly more stable than competitor offerings. Moreover, the current generation features larger and more stable inner gear bearings, providing superior performance compared to previous iterations.

On top of that, the rear drive shafts in TIBUS portals are built as full floater shafts using 300M hardened steel alloy, ensuring utmost reliability. Axle and steering geometry is retained, eliminating the need for modifications, so all Bronco electronic systems integrate seamlessly with TIBUS portals.

As mentioned, Gen 4 portal axle boasts helical cut gears, making them stronger for off-road use while remaining quiet on highways. Additionally, the three-gear design further reduces noise and vibration, enhancing the overall driving experience. With a 22% reduction at the hub, TIBUS portals allow for larger tires without added stress on drivetrain components, resulting in an extreme off-road capable vehicle that retains the comfort and ride quality of OEM suspension.

Overall, TIBUS portal axles are the ultimate solution for 6th Gen Ford Bronco owners seeking superior ground clearance and off-roading capabilities. By lifting the axles instead of the suspension, TIBUS portals offer unparalleled performance, durability, and seamless integration with electronic systems. And as mentioned earlier, to date, Tibus offers the only bolt-on portal compatible with the 6Gen Bronco! Experience the benefits of TIBUS portals and elevate your off-road adventures like never before.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your 6th-Gen Bronco or other IFS vehicles with this cutting-edge technology. Remember, TIBUS Portal Axles come with a standard 12-month warranty. However, when you choose BroncBuster for installation, we're excited to offer an exclusive extended warranty of 3 years, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Don't wait any longer to experience the unparalleled off-road capabilities that come with TIBUS Portal Axles. Click here to schedule your installation with BroncBuster today and unlock your vehicle's true potential. Happy trails!

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