BroncBuster conquers the mighty Rubicon Trail

BroncBuster takes on the Rubicon Trail August 17th-19th

Aug 12, 2022Tyler Mason

Join us as we travel to the Rubicon Trail in Lake Tahoe, California. During this 22-mile stretch of off road be sure and join as we show you how to keep your tie rods from breaking, and your steering rack from failing. We will be showing how lifted Broncos need reinforcement, as we ride along side other 4x4 enthusiasts. Our company is dedicated  to product development that helps ensure you can take your Bronco out on the trail with confidence. We are continuing to tackle the toughest trails in the country to prove our product durability for all 6th generation Broncos.


We will soon release a special discount code for those staying updated with us or those we meet on the trail. The code will allow users 25% off of our key products like our steering rack reinforcement bushing (BroncBushing), tie rod braces ( BusterBrace), and steering housing (Stage III Heavy- Duty Passenger Billet Aluminum Housing)! Anything and everything to prevent you from breaking steering on the trail. Be sure to tune in as we will announce this discount on a YouTube short Wednesday morning as we start the Rubicon. This discount code will only be active the days we are on the trail Wednesday August  17th- Friday August 19th, so don’t miss out and follow along on our journey. 

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