About Us

In March of 2017 Nevadan Natives Tyler and Amy Mason packed up their family of 6 and relocated to Canyon Lake, Texas! Their family instantly fell in love with the scenery and hospitality of the Lone Star State and made it their home.

Tyler has always been very energetic and passionate - as a child he would spend countless hours on dirt roads exploring Nevada and discovered his love for off-roading at a young age. When Amy and Tyler met they made a perfect match as they shared similar passions for adventure, but Amy was able to reign in some of his energy and keep him focused on the big picture of things.

Transitioning further into adulthood, Tyler’s passion and energy developed into a great entrepreneurial spirit and together he and Amy found his talents were most profitable in construction. Tyler has established 3 separate construction companies; however he and Amy never let matters of business overshadow their need for action, fun and adventure. The Mason’s enjoyed many family vacations around the world, but when COVID hit they knew their family travel would have to change. So naturally they diverted back to what Tyler always loved most - off roading!

When they heard the news about Ford coming out with the new Bronco Tyler and Amy knew they had to have one. While they impatiently waited for the opportunity to get their hands on their own Bronco, Tyler was scoping out all of the new Bronco Facebook pages and found community within Bronco Nation. One day he stumbled upon a Ford dealership selling a Bronco where the deal had fallen through. Tyler talked Amy into "just going to go look at it" not knowing that very vehicle was fated to become the legendary BroncBuster!

Their first off-road park was at Marble Falls where they were graciously accepted by the wonderful people of the Jeep community. All was fun and games on the trails until they soon found a weak point on their beloved BroncBuster. While going up King of the Hill at Katemcy Rocks in Mason Texas, the tie rods busted and stripped out the steering rack disfiguring the tires on their brand new Bronco. Tyler shared a picture of the catastrophe that went viral and the internet quickly made it into a “Bronco Hugs” meme; igniting the BroncBusters rise to fame on the internet- particularly TikTok. Overtime, BroncBuster content introduced Tyler and Amy to fellow off-roading content creators (shout out to Lite Brite Nation!) and were invited to events and competitions.

It was at these events where Ford’s manufacturing oversights with their new generation Broncos became more and more apparent to Tyler. It seemed at every off-road event, the BroncBuster or a fellow Bronco would have issues with the Tie Rods and Steering Rack failure. Ford was not offering a solution for these issues, so Tyler decided to take matters into his own hands and create solutions not only for himself, but for every Bronco owner! Through a lot of trial and error and the help of family and friends, Tyler has been able to produce and manufacture his Off Roading Solutions for the Ford Bronco to you!


Our Commitment to Quality

Austin Brackin, owner of Brackin Machine and Edison Award Winner, is BroncBuster Founder & CEO Tyler Mason's right hand man in making the 6th Gen Bronco a true competitor in the world of the offroad.