BroncBushing - Hoss 3.0



The BroncBushing kit includes the bushing, o-ring, snap ring retainer, and boot clamp for the driver's side of the rack, along with an install tool. Our bushing is made out of an engineered plastic that is more wear-resistant than carbon steel! The BroncBushing kit doesn't involve any removal or replacement of any existing components. Instead, it will help support the rack in a way that doesn't allow the rack to separate from pinion gear.

Please note, there is only one bushing on the driver's side to support the rack to pinion, it does involve removing a small plastic ring. Our acetal plastic is more wear-resistant than steel and is meant for long-term use.

Our BroncBushing product will compensate for the geometry angle and pressure caused primarily by aftermarket lift kits combined with oversized tires. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that this can be done easily without complete removal and overhaul of the steering rack.

Trim Level Fitment: This part is compatible with the Hoss 3.0 steering rack in the Wildtrak and Raptor models.



Download Instructions: BroncBuster BroncBushing Installation Instructions (PDF)