BroncMonster 17" CTIS Capable Wheels



Tibus' newly forged bead-lock rim is equipped with the air line for the central tire inflation system (CTIS) hidden under the center cap, with which you can regulate the air pressure while driving. Load capacity of 3,100lb.

These pair well with vehicles equipped with our portals or any builds trying to bring the poke back in as they feature a +65mm offset.

Why are these so useful?

To improve traction on soft surfaces such as sand, mud or snow, the contact area of the tire can be increased by lowering the air pressure or "airing down". However, lowering the air pressure can only be recommended if the tire beads are secured against slipping on the rim. The design of TIBUS beadlock rims reduces the risk of the tire being pulled off the rim when the air pressure is low, which would inevitably lead to a sudden and complete loss of pressure. The risk is particularly high on the outside of the rims when cornering at high speed and when leaning when rock crawling or overlanding.

In addition, the bead-lock ring prevents dirt, water, sand and other foreign bodies from penetrating between the tire and rim, even at very low tire pressures. This significantly increases the service life of the tires so you are always on the safe side, even on demanding terrain.