BroncBooster Bumper Relocation Brackets for Body Lifts


You can now relocate your factory bumpers using our relocation brackets after installing a BroncBooster Body Lift on your 21'-23' Ford Bronco. 

There are several different bumper configurations, so please read this carefully when choosing the brackets that you need.

Choosing the front bracket:

The Standard front bumper is plastic, may or may not have fog lights, and has fixed tow hooks.

The Capable front bumper is metal, covered with plastic. It has fog lights, exposed D rings (no fixed tow hooks), and can accommodate the winch (winch attaches to the D ring mounting points).

The HD Modular front bumper is metal, does not have fog lights, does have exposed D rings, and the corners come off for increased approach clearance.

Choosing the rear bracket:

The Rear Standard bumper is semi-smooth all over and does not have gripper traction on the top of the bumper.


The Rear Powder Coated bumper has the gripper traction on the top of the bumper.

 Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control does not come on all Bronco vehicles and should be added if you have ACC.