Steering Rack Upgrade


Bulletproof your Bronco's steering to get far more power and capability on the trail with up to 30% more power than the standard rack.

Choose either the standard Ford Performance Severe Duty Steering Upgrade, or our BroncBuster tested and approved Ultimate Steering Upgrade.

Ultimate Steering Upgrade Details

Our ultimate steering solution comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
(Simplified, if the housing breaks or fails in any way we will replace your rack.)

The Ultimate Steering Upgrade includes:

- Severe Duty Steering Rack
- BroncBushing
- Stage III Billet Aluminum Housing
- Fully programmed, plug and play on all 2021-2023 Broncos

Severe Duty Steering Upgrade Details

*Configuration Required Using the Pro-Cal Tool*

Note: This upgrade requires the use of a Pro-Cal tool and knowledge of how to program/deprogram the steering rack. It is meant for customers & shops comfortable with this process. Make sure to note that the Pro-Cal 4 needs to be connected to the vehicle before the original steering rack is removed to be able to properly configure and program the new steering gear. 

the severe duty steering upgrade is not compatible with 2021-2023 Bronco 4Dr Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Black Diamond, & Badlands that do NOT have the factory Sasquatch Package.

Download the Install Guide here.