BroncBuster conquers the mighty Rubicon

BroncBuster conquers the mighty Rubicon

Nov 30, 2022Tyler Mason

One might say if your going to take on the mighty Rubicon trail be prepared to break a Bronco tie rod or two! You might even say you’ll break the weak IFS rack. When your the 1st 6th Gen Bronco on 40’s you know your asking for trouble! “Brocken Bronco” to this day still pulls Up the famous“BroncBuster”



On August 18th 2022 BroncBuster (Amy, Reagan, and Tyler) of Fischer Tx with a group of friends Jake Williams, Gentry Boswell, Jory Allen, Chris Jacobson, Brad Jacobson, Dani Finlayson, and Jason Flowers set out to conquer the mighty Rubicon. 

 The Rubicon though not the hardest trail in the US is definitely amount the most challenging due to the nature of being no other access or 

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