Hill Country Roundup Wheeling for a cause

Hill Country Roundup Wheeling for a cause

Nov 30, 2022Tyler Mason

September 25th 2021 was the birth of the now known “BroncBuster” also known on a google search as “Broken Bronco” on this fateful day while attempting an obstacle “King of the hill” in Mason Texas at Katemcy Rocks, Tyler Masons 2021 Badlands Bronco catastrophic failure of the steering rack and tie rods went viral and thus the birth of BroncBuster, and so began the memes! 

A few months later BroncBuster the now first 6th gen Bronco on 40’s “with newly replaced steering rack” left the shop of Two Fat guys automotive , Fenders cut, and first new Bronco with a body lift.  

Meanwhile an online challenge began with well known YouTubers Lite Brite Nation Kevin and Brittney Williams. In this challenge BroncBuster experiences the next steering rack failure.  

Ok many of you at this point are probably asking what does this have to do with Wheeling for a cause? I’ll get there quickly I promise! 

Ok back to our story and yes it comes back to the Hill Country and Mason Texas I promise just bare with us. If you don't have time for the whole story know then come back i promise it will be worth your time. 

While leaving Lite Brite defeated and disappointed,  driving to Las Vegas to celebrate Thanksgiving with family Tyler had a “light bulb moment” a fix for the weak steering rack. 
Thanksgiving day Tyler was well let’s say distracted while contemplating how to fix it he didn’t want to wait days, weeks, months….. he’s well let’s say impatient. 

After searching all day he found the only place open that might have the the material that in Tyler’s mind he could prototype a piece to insert into the steering rack to solve this problem! A hockey rink and the crazy material you might ask? A hockey puck! Ok crazy but after some carving in the garage at Tyler’s sister Lynette with the help of his nephews carved out a piece inserted into the steering rack and boom it worked. Steering restored and off they headed to test it out, while testing on the Las Vegas strip.

Success? Yes it worked to restore the steering now will it work wheeling? The next day Tyler and family went out in the Nevada Desert to test. 

The Bronco was put to the test through approximately 70 miles of Dirt roads, a few obstacles, and then later that night was invited by the local Jeep group "Jeeps Anonymous"  and Walter Codesido from the shop/Tv show Counts Customs.


 After the first failed attempt being a Built Jeep Rubicon. Broken steering made this part all the more irony in this situation. The Rubicon experienced a broken steering box and Pitman arm. 


The Bronco Walked right up and stunned the other 11 Jeeps watching. After several attempts by the Jeep crowd was made and after several hours fixing the downed Jeep Bad Ass Niccole was the only other one to successfully make the climb.

Wasting no time Tyler called Kevin Williams "Lite Brite" and said were fixed and want redemption! It was on and agreed the match would resume the Next day Sunday November 27th just over two months from the initial brake in Mason Texas. 

 Not only did it rock Crawl but it succeeded to do everything that the Lite Brite did (well almost) "You gotta be nuts" was the small exception. Either way with this and the success of completing the maze the wheels were now turning. Since others in the Country Including Early Bronco Owner Drew Peroni with his new Badlands had already experienced similar fate with Broken Tie rods and Broken steering rack! Could this be a solution for all of the Bronco Community? 

Keep in Mind prior to this day BroncBuster as a company did not exist. Tyler owned and operated a construction company in Canyon Lake Texas. Product development, ecommerce 






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