BroncBuster Rear Shock Skids (Pair)



One of the most vulnerable areas on nearly any off-road vehicle is the rear axle shock mounts. The Ford Bronco shock mounts, like many others, hang below the axle housing and are susceptible to damage from rocks, roots, and other potentially harmful trail debris. Protect your investment with our new lower shock guard kit. The primary plate shares the OEM shock bolt for secure mounting and an additional bolt on the side plate, keeping everything in the correct place at all times.

The BroncBuster team developed rear Shock Skids that create a protective barrier beneath the shock mounts, allowing them to effortlessly slide over rocks and other elements on the trail. These skids are an inexpensive upgrade to your Bronco that will prevent you from losing shock absorption from a broken shock mount, ensuring the comfortable ride you've come to expect from the all-new Ford Bronco!

*Please note that the shock skids are not currently compatible with the Raptor or Hoss 3.0*

What's Included:

  • 2 shock guard welded assemblies
  • 2 side-mount bolts

The BroncBuster Shock Skids are laser cut from 3/16" steel, CNC bent, MIG welded for strength, and powder coated in Shadow Black, or for $20 more, Cyber Orange and Velocity Blue!

Fits the 2021+ Ford Bronco (all models)

We will be shipping out our second round of Shock Skids mid-to-late February. Initial orders have already been sold out and more are being manufactured, right here in the U.S.A., at this very moment!